Growing up I always wondered how is true wealth and financial freedom built? I quickly learned that there are many shiny objects or the classic “get-rich-quick” plan that somehow “guaranteed” financial freedom but never seem to work for the majority. 

After college, I was really intrigued with the concept of wealth and time freedom. So I took a look around at the happiest people that I knew and, to my surprise, I noticed one common asset they all shared – Home Ownership. Was it really that simple? Shortly after this new found revelation, I decided, to the dismay of many, to go back to school and become a Realtor. I wanted hands on experience and insight into the American Dream that so many around me had already achieved. 

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said it best – “90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate.”

This famous quote became cemented into my mind when my grandparents listed their house that they had purchased in the 1950’s for $8000. Years later the house sold for over $300,000 – a return of over 36%! I couldn’t help but wonder,  could they have leveraged the equity in their one home in order to purchase more properties and build even greater family wealth? The answer was yes…

Today I help the community that raised me achieve the American Dream through home ownership. To learn how to acquire 10 properties in 10 years call or text me at (360) 624-6781

– Eric Pelky, President of Prestige Realty Group


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