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Easy to Reach
April 2017
The loan company assigned me another realtor and that’s when I met Katie. After talking with her I knew I finally found a good realtor. She is very likeable, knowledgeable, dependable and always responded to my calls and emails. Katie was the first realtor who actually located homes for me to look at along with the ones I found. There wasn’t much out there worth buying or still on the market. As my move out deadline approached, I told Katie I was giving up the idea of buying a home and would find a home to rent. Katie kept in touch, checking in with me. She continued to look for possible homes. Then out of the blue, Katie emailed me a listing of this cute little home in the woods in Cougar, Wa. I only had to see the picture to know that was the one. I met her out there and I didn’t even have to go inside to know I wanted it. We made an offer, it was accepted and the rest is history. Katie worked closely with the loan company and practically held my hand through the whole thing. She kept me informed and always responded to my many questions. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Katie Hertenstein

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